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Welcome to the Dawson County Sheriff's Office

Your Safety, Our Priority.

Our vision is a safe, united Dawson County where trust, innovation, and community collaboration thrive.

Guided by our commitment to excellence, the Dawson County Sheriff's Office envisions a community where safety, trust, and collaboration prevail. We strive to lead in innovative law enforcement practices, foster stronger community bonds, and continuously enhance the quality of life for all residents. Our vision is to create a safer, more united Dawson County, where every individual feels secure and empowered to thrive.


Empowering OUR Community through Open Access to Information


“The Fuzz Feed” is the ultimate podcast by the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office that offers a riveting peek into the world of law enforcement. Join us as we provide the community with exclusive insights into police work, and delve into intriguing investigations. Have burning questions or curious about the life of a deputy sheriff? Send them our way at TheFuzzFeed@dawsoncountysheriff.org #WeAreDCSO, and let’s explore the exciting world of law enforcement together!

Now Hiring


Ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of honor and service? The Dawson County Sheriff’s Office wants YOU! We’re on the hunt for passionate and dedicated individuals to step up and make a real difference in our community.

A Word from the Sheriff

SheriffJeff Johnson

Welcome to the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office Website. We hope that you will take an opportunity to learn more about our desire and dedication to better serve our citizens, our businesses and our visitors. As you will read and view, we are proud to partner with our community in an effort to more effectively combat crime. We believe that a collective and concerted approach will produce greater success. We take great pride in our service and truly seek to make our county a safer place to live, to work, to worship and to play.