The Dawson County Sheriff’s Office is a progressive, full-service law enforcement agency located within North Georgia.  Our community is growing rapidly, which causes an ever increasing need for criminal justice services.  To ensure the citizens of Dawson County receive the highest quality law enforcement services, we have established high standards for our employees.  This agency strives to hire only the most qualified individuals to fill our positions.  Our employee selection process is thorough and regimented.  We are an equal opportunity employer, and each applicant is afforded equal opportunity regardless of race, creed, color, gender, national origin, age, or disability.  Should you be disabled, you may request any reasonable accommodation(s) to further participate in the application process.

Applicants must submit a completed application packet to the human resources director.  Application packets will be continuously accepted.  All application packets will remain active for six (6) months.  After six (6) months, applicants must submit a subsequent application packet to be considered for the selection process.  Each subsequent application packet will be retained with the initial application packet.  The selection process begins with the submission of a completed employment application, which can printed from this website.  If you are unable to print the application, a printed copy can be obtained from the Sheriff’s Office.  For detailed information regarding the employee selection process, please review all documents contained within the Applicant Packet section of this webpage.  Applicants who are rejected for lying, deceit, bad moral character, or falsifying their application will not be reconsidered for employment with the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office.  Applicants who are rejected for any other reason(s), other than failure to pass written examinations and/or physical agility test, will not be reconsidered for employment with the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office.

Please note:  Dawson County is an active member of the E-Verify Program with authorization beginning May 2008. The county’s identification number is 121884.  The county also participates in the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements Program monitored by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services effective February 2010.  If you have any questions concerning these programs, please contact Sandra Evans at 706-344-3535.








The Dawson County Sheriff’s Office is currently accepting applications for both non-certified and certified officers.

The Dawson County Sheriff’s Office is currently accepting applications for 911 communications officers.



Download and print

Employment Application

* Please note: This document cannot be sent back online, it has to be brought in to be notarized or mailed. No incomplete applications will be accepted. 

Background Packet

* Please note: Employment Application and Background Packet must be brought in.

Employee Selection Process Itinerary - Do not return

Employee Benefits Guide Do not return

Intern Operations Manual