Employee Selection Process

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  1. Applicants must submit a completed application packet to the human resources director. Application packets will be accepted on a continuous basis; therefore, applicants are not limited to submitting application packets during announced application periods. All application packets will remain active for six (6) months. After six (6) months, applicants must submit a subsequent application packet to be considered for the selection process. Each subsequent application packet will be retained with the initial application packet. The selection process begins with the submission of a completed application packet. An application packet consists of a completed application for employment, copy of your birth certificate, copy of your college diploma (if applicable), completed background questionnaire, copy of entrance examination with passing scores as detailed on the next page (not required for communications or civilian applicants), copy of your valid driver’s license, copy of your high school diploma or G.E.D. certificate, copy of your law enforcement academy certificate (if applicable), copy of your social security card, and a copy of your DD-214 (military discharge form – if applicable). If you fail to pass any written or physical agility test, you may re-apply thirty (30) days from the selection process disqualification date. A second failure of either test will disqualify you from the selection process for one (1) year from the date of disqualification. Upon receipt of the above items, the application packet will be thoroughly reviewed, and the selection process will begin.
  2. Applicant must pass an initial background screening. This includes a criminal history and driver’s history check.
  3. Complete and pass a basic skills test. On their own, applicants (excluding communications and civilian applicants) must complete the state-approved assessment instrument (i.e. COMPASS test) and provide the passing results to the sheriff’s office before the selection process will continue.

    The human resources director will schedule all qualified communications officer applicants to take the National Dispatcher Selection Test.Note: Communication officer applicants who do not pass the National Dispatcher Selection Test may re-apply thirty (30) days from the date of disqualification; any subsequent failures of these tests will disqualify the applicant from any further consideration for employment for one year from the date of disqualification.
  4. Complete and pass the physical agility test. Once a month, the physical agility test (P.A.T.) will be administered to all deputy sheriff and detention officer applicants. The human resources director or training director will schedule all qualified applicants to take the P.A.T. All applicants must arrive on time and dressed appropriately. All applicants will be required to complete 10 push-ups per minute, 20 sit-ups per minute, and run 1 ½ miles in 17:50 minutes or less.
  5. Interview with appointed board and division commander. All applicants that have completed and successfully passed the prior steps in the selection process will complete an interview with an appointed board and division head or designee. Applicants should arrive prepared and on time. The division head or designee will forward the top applicants to the chief deputy or designee for review.
  6. Interview with chief deputy. The chief deputy or designee will determine which of applicants are most qualified for the position after conducting interviews. Applicants should arrive prepared and on time.After the interview with the chief deputy or designee, it is highly recommended for a detention applicant to observe the functions of the Detention Division before continuation in the hiring process. A confidentiality agreement/liability waiver must be signed by all applicants before observing any function of the Detention Division or other division of the agency.
  7. Complete and pass a truth verification exam. The chief deputy or designee will direct the Administrative Support Services Division to schedule the applicant(s) for a truth verification examinations consisting of a Computer Voice Stress Analysis (C.V.S.A.) and/or a polygraph examination. All information contained within the application packet is subject to truth verification.
  8. Pass the final background check. This includes verification of personal and professional references, verification of any qualifying credentials and appropriate follow-up measures to questionable information previously developed or obtained from the truth verification exam.
  9. Conditional offer from the sheriff. Applicants who are recommended by the chief deputy or designee for a conditional job offer will be referred to the sheriff for his authorization to make a formal conditional offer of employment.
  10. Pass a drug screening test and medical examination. This will be conducted by a licensed medical doctor of the agency’s choosing.
  11. Complete a psychological fitness examination. This will be conducted by a licensed psychologist of the agency’s choosing. Deputy sheriff, detention officer, and communications officer applicants will be required to complete this step.
  12. Working test hiring determination. After all required information is assembled, the chief deputy or designee will forward the top applicant(s) to the sheriff for his review and decision concerning whether the applicant should be offered employment on a working test basis.
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