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Emphasizing 'components' over 'divisions' promotes unity and collaboration.

Exploring the Integral Components of Our Sheriff's Office

Sheriff’s Office

Component Overview

Within our law enforcement agency, we recognize the significance of fostering unity and collaboration among the various functions that work tirelessly to ensure community safety. While the term “division” has been traditionally used to describe these functions, we have embraced the concept of “components” to highlight the interconnected nature of our operations. This shift in perspective underscores our commitment to working together harmoniously and underscores our shared goal of reducing crime and creating a safer community. In this section, we delve into the distinct components that constitute our Sheriff’s Office, emphasizing their vital roles and the seamless cooperation that drives our success.



The Administrative Component plays a vital supportive role within the law enforcement agency, encompassing key functions such as the Chief Deputy, Human Resources, Budgeting, and administrative staff, all crucial to the agency’s overall success.”


The Communications Component, including 911 services, serves as a vital lifeline, facilitating rapid emergency responses and maintaining clear communication channels for public safety.


The Detention Component is responsible for managing the Dawson County Detention Center, overseeing individuals awaiting trial following their arrest, and maintaining a secure and humane environment within the facility.


The Criminal Investigations Component is dedicated to thorough investigative work, specializing in solving crimes, collecting evidence, and ensuring justice is served in our community.”

Office of Professional Standards

OPS upholds ethical standards, conducts investigations, and promotes community collaboration to maintain the office’s integrity and address local issues.

Uniform Patrol

Uniform Patrol plays a central role in safeguarding our community, providing visible law enforcement presence, and responding to incidents swiftly.

Sheriff’s Services

Sheriff’s Services, encompassing the Civil Process Unit and Court Services Unit, ensures the efficient execution of legal procedures and court-related services, supporting the judicial process in our community.

Dedicated and specialized teams that operate within our agency's components.

Specialized Teams Within Our Components

Crime Suppression Unit

C.S.U. is a proactive street unit which falls under the Criminal Investigations Component and is made up of three unique teams.