The term “Division” has been used throughout the years to identify the various functions of a law enforcement agency. For example, the patrol function is often referred to as the Patrol Division, the detention function as the Detention Division, etc.

Unfortunately throughout my time, I have observed factions or “divisions” occurring in law enforcement agencies. From communication issues to disrespect issues, sometimes the term “division” seems to ring true.

In order to better serve our community, we must recognize that we are striving towards a unified goal of reducing crime and making our community safer. We must also understand that each function serves a significant and vital role in this process. Each function compliments the other and if we are to be successful; we must be united in our approach and relationship.

For any mechanism to work correctly, each individual component must work together as one. Thus the term “component” is reiterated and echoed throughout the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Jeff Johnson
Office of Professional Standards
Uniform Patrol
Sheriff’s Services
School Resource Officers