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The Office of Professional Standards (OPS) plays a crucial role in upholding the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office’s mission and values. OPS is responsible for maintaining State Certification, conducting Internal Affairs Investigations, overseeing agency training, managing the Quartermaster detail, and providing Community Relations Training.

These functions ensure the office’s integrity and adherence to ethical standards, performance criteria, and public service commitment. OPS conducts various investigations, including internal affairs, citizen complaints, and pre-employment background checks.

To promote ethical standards, OPS actively engages the community through programs like Citizen Firearm’s Instruction, Neighborhood Watch, Community Health Care, and Citizens Law Enforcement Academy. These initiatives foster a cooperative environment where law enforcement collaborates with citizens, organizations, and businesses to address community issues. The Sheriff’s Office recognizes the importance of these partnerships in effectively resolving neighborhood and county-wide challenges.

State of Georgia Law Enforcement Certification


Major Ray Goodie

Goodie@dawsoncountysheriff.org (706) 344-3535, Ext. 20473
Lieutenant Jake Crawford

JCrawford@dawsoncountysheriff.org (706) 344-3535, Ext. 20531
Lieutenant Brad Hardman

BHardman@dawsoncountysheriff.org (706) 344-3535, Ext. 20541