School Resource Officers

About Our School Resource Unit

The school resource officers provide direct services to schools located within Dawson County. These services include, but are not limited to, campus safety inspections, classroom presentations, criminal investigations originating within the school system, daily traffic details, participation in student and parent conferences when requested, and various other activities including the traditional law enforcement duties.

School resource officers also assist with two important programs within the school:

The Choosing Healthy Activities & Methods Promoting Safety (CHAMPS) Program was implemented by the Georgia Sheriff’s Association 2003. Dawson County was one of the first four counties to start presenting it to the school system. CHAMPS is a lesson plan designed to educate 5th graders on the temptations of life and how to make the correct choices.

Junior Academy
The Junior Academy was started in Dawson County 20 years ago and is a week-long abbreviated law enforcement academy. It teaches students the basic duties of law enforcement such as traffic stops, self-defense, criminal investigations, and finger printing. This is offered to Dawson County students from fifth to eighth grades. There is no cost to the student. The classes, food, snacks and uniforms shirts are provided through donations. The week-long academy closes with a graduation ceremony.

To contact a school resource officer, you may call the school directly or contact the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office at (706) 344-3636. Questions can be directed to Lt. Shane Henson.