Sheriff’s Services


The Civil Process Unit of the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office is tasked with processing and serving civil papers.  Civil papers are routinely received from our local courts.  Additionally, civil papers can be received from courts throughout the country.  Upon receipt of civil papers, the incoming paperwork is processed and a uniformed officer attempts to deliver the paperwork to a citizen who resides or works within Dawson County.  To check the status of a civil paper attempt, please contact the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office at (706) 344-3500 ext. 41121.

To view civil process fees, click here.

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The Court Services Unit is responsible for securing the Government Center, as well as courtrooms during all court sessions.  This unit also provides security during all Board of Commissioner and Planning Commission meetings.  Security is accomplished through the front door screening station, and a Control Room that maintains constant visual throughout the Center, and officer presence.  Surveillance is constant, and when the Government Center is closed, the Master Control of the Detention Center maintains this surveillance.


The Transport Unit is tasked with the transporting of all court production inmates from counties throughout the state, as well as subjects arrested on Dawson County warrants in other counties.  The Transport Unit also assists with the transporting of inmates to and from doctor appointments for medical services that cannot be rendered at the Dawson County Detention Center.


Warrant officers of the Dawson County Sheriff’s Department are responsible for the service of arrest warrants issued by the courts.  Warrants are executed regardless of the location of the originating court jurisdiction provided the issuing agency will extradite the subject to be arrested.  Responsibilities of the Warrant Unit include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Arranging transportation for extraditions
  • Assisting with the maintenance of the most wanted postings
  • Obtaining waivers for extradition
  • Placing and lifting of detainers on incarcerated suspects
  • Receiving, maintaining, and service of arrest warrants
  • Serving/ enforcing juvenile pick-up orders

To view our most wanted subjects, please visit our “Most Wanted” page.


Commander – Captain Shane Henson
706-344-3500 ext. 41124

Assistant Commander – Lieutenant Johnny Holtzclaw
706-344-3500 ext. 41123

Civil / Warrant Sergeant – Eric Johnson
706-344-3500 ext. 41122